Learn Chinese in virtual classes led by professional native Chinese teachers.

Lessons are taught in private 1-to-1 classes or group classes. Private classes are ideal for people who want flexibility in learning, while group classes are ideal for those who enjoy social learning and regular class schedules.

Our Chinese lessons are ideal for adult learners who want to learn Chinese Mandarin using materials that are relevant to their communication needs from their very first lesson. Practice speaking and listening with your dedicated instructor simulating various professional and social scenarios. While the textbook is used as a guidance to let learners master the fundamentals of the Chinese language, our instructor will work with you to deliver contents that match your interests.

Natural inputs will be provided throughout the course to reinforce retention, accelerate learning, and enable acquisition. Although speaking and listening are emphasized, learners will also learn pinyin and Chinese characters for reading and writing. As you progress to the next level, you will continue developing your proficiency in speaking, listening, reading and writing. By enrolling in this program, not only will you be proficient in the Chinese language, but also be knowledgeable of various aspects of the Chinese culture.