English for Advanced Course
( Possible with an Education Visa )

Students at this level aim to improve general language skills. Their expression should be clear and intelligent. And their functional language should allow them to conduct conversation fairly naturally. Their vocabulary should be sufficient to read newspaper and understand most television program.


Group size :  Minimum 3 students and Maximum 8 students
Participants age :  Minimum 18 years old – 60 Years old
Course Level :  Level 9 and Level 10 on the school’s level
Course length :  A 4 month ( 40 hours )
Hours per week :  4 hours per week ( 2 hours / day )
Locations :  Bangkok
The fee
    26,000 THB ( Excluded Materials ) for a group lesson

Course Structure

This course prepares students to write proficient essays in preparation. Students write a variety of academic texts and learn how to compose an original research paper.

Students read and discuss texts dealing with current events topics and engage in classroom discussion concerning these topics. Students learn how to prepare and give a variety of oral presentations through the use of technology. Presentations may describe opinions on important social events, academic topics, or professional themes. 

Course Benefits

Students develop a deep understanding of the English verbs system as well as review previously learned grammatical concepts. In addition, students examine complex English grammatical construction so that students will gain academic preparation for examination from University