English for Intermediate Course
( Possible with an Education Visa )

Students entering an Intermediate class can talk about situations in the past, the present and the future. They should be able to deal confidently with most social situations. This level sets out to help students to improve their accuracy and start using a wider range of language forms, understand any written text in current English other than that of a highly technical or allusive nature. By the end of this level students should be capable of carrying on a discussion.         

Group size :  Minimum 3 students and Maximum 8 students
Participants age :  Minimum 18 years old – 60 Years old
Course Level :  Level 7 and Level 8 on the school’s level
Course length :  A 4 month course ( 40 hours )
Hours per week :  4 hours per week ( 2 hours / day )
Locations :  Bangkok
The fee
    26,000 THB ( Excluded Materials ) for a group lesson


Course Structure

This course enhances students’ ability to accurately produce written statements and papers for personal and/or academic purposes. Students learn to write and orally express ideas thoroughly and effectively by incorporating correct syntactical and mechanical skills. Students broaden their understanding of the English grammatical system so that they can become proficient writers and speakers of English.

 Course Benefits

This course gives students stronger communication skills by enhancing their listening and comprehension capacity. The focus is on continuous interactive activities that allow students to engage in practical conversation and public speaking. Students also read various texts concerning current events and other high interest-topics so that they can apply critical thinking skills to engage in classroom discussions.

This course will enable students to develop analytical skills by comparing and contrasting content from readings, while building a richer semantic foundation. Students will also develop abilities to take notes, highlight, and underline key information for text analysis or content reporting.