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This is a standard examination approved by the Ministry of Education

The topics are fairly broad and general, and cover important aspects of being able to communicate correctly in Thai at a fairly high level.

Passing this exam means you are considered competent to work in business or a Thai educational or government institution

If you wish to prepare for this exam then we will customize an advanced course to suit your current level.

We recommend that you take your time and follow an advanced program that you enjoy for its own sake. You will learn much more effectively and, when your teacher feels that you are ready for the exam, we will modify your course to include those aspects of the exam that you still need to work on.

Click here for more details about the Grade 6 Exam and here’s an article on Stickman about the exam.

Comment from “bobcat”, who took the exam in 2005.

  • Dictation. A tape was played and we had to write what was said on the tape. I was at the front of the room and the speakers were at the back, so I was straining a bit to hear the tape. This part of the exam was not too difficult, although there were a few words in the passage that I had never heard before. I had to guess. I also know that I spelled one or two words incorrectly that I should not have – just dumb mistakes. Overall, this was not bad. The only thing was that the voice on the tape was quite quick, so you had to write very fast
  • Essay. There was a choice of 3 topics – “Thai festivals”, “Thailand today” or “Sports that I like”. I chose “Thailand today”. I wrote about all sorts of topics relating to Thailand and the topic was wide enough to allow for this. This part was not too bad at all. I used only vocabulary that I know so as to reduce the number of spelling errors. I ended up writing about 4 A4 pages and my hand was really sore after finishing this part of the test.
  • Comprehension. This was the toughest part of the exam. Mostly you were presented with a short passage and then were presented with a question and 4 possible answers. Most, if not all, of the questions had more than one possible answer. The vocab was really challenging to say the least. Topics ranged from invertebrate sea creatures, the process of producing honey, natural resources, tsunami, geology, environmental protection etc. There were also a couple of questions where you were given a passage with missing words and had to fill in the right words (you were given 5 words) in the right place. This was also tough as some words could have fit into several places.
  • Reading Out Loud and Conversation. This was done after a lunch break. All students had to wait outside the room to be called one by one. You went to a table where there was a teacher sitting and sat down opposite the teacher. My teacher asked me where I was from and how long I have lived in Thailand. She then asked me to choose a piece of paper out of a small container. The piece of paper had a number on it which corresponded to the number of a particular story. There were 3 or 4 different stories to choose from. I then had to read the passage aloud for her. Mine was about Songkran and its significance to the Thai people, both today and in the past. The vocabulary was quite okay, but it was peppered with a few tongue twisters. After I finished reading the passage, the teacher then asked me whether I understood it and what I thought about Songkran. We had a lovely chat about that and a few other things and that was it.

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