Beginner Course (Total 100 hours)

Two month course, covering the same ground as the Introductory Course but a little more in-depth: including topics that are relevant to you if you live or work in Thailand, such as days and dates, the weather, and getting to know people.

We will practice the kind of conversations you will have with people you are likely to meet.

Ideal for expats, regular visitors to Thailand or if you have a Thai girl/boyfriend.

Group size :  Minimum 2 students – 8 students
Participants age :  Minimum 12 years old – 60 years old.
Course Level :  Level 1,2  on the school’s level
Course Length :  1-2 month(s)  ( 50-100 Hours )
Hours Per Week :  4-10 Hours per week ( 2-3 Hours per day )
Location(s) :  Bangkok
The fees :  8,500 – 16,000 THB ( Excluded Materials ) for a group lesson