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Education Visa Bangkok: The Complete Guide

What is the Education Visa? How do I get one?

ED visas are also known as Non-Immigrant Education Visas.

You can get one if you are a foreigner (of any nationality) who wants to stay long term in Thailand to study. The shortest ED visa lasts for 3-months, however we can help you extend one to last up to 3 years.

You can take many different types of classes to get an ED visa, including cooking and scuba classes!

The most important requirement is that the school that provides the visa is accredited by the Ministry of Education. Carefully examine school reviews before deciding to proceed with them!

Thai Solutions offers many classes that can combined with the ED Visa:

Please note that course fees are not refundable, even if you do not attend classes.

Thai Solutions School is fully accredited by the Ministry of Education in Bangkok and has helped thousands of students obtain ED visas since 2004.

How long does the process take?

Typically, the ED visa application process will take between 1.5 and 2 months from the date that you start your application with us, depending on your nationality and current waiting times at the Immigration Bureau

That means your current visa (most likely a tourist visa) must have enough time on it left for you obtain your ED visa! That’s why we recommend you should start the process as early as possible, ideally as soon as you come to Thailand.

Help! I don’t think I have enough time to apply for the ED Visa!

Don’t worry. Many students are in the same situation. If it seems like you will not get the visa in time before your current visa expires, call or email us. Our expert staff will help you decide on the best course of action for your specific situation (time left and nationality).

IMPORTANT NOTE: The ED Visa procedure is subject to changing requirements by the Ministry of Education – we keep up to date with every policy changes, and will let you know if the requirements or process changes.

Who can apply for the Education Visa?

Anybody over 12 years old can apply for the Education Visa.

NOTE: people of the following nationalities: Bangladesh, China, India, Iran, Sri-Lanka and Middle Eastern countries must apply from their country of origin.

I am in Thailand with a Tourist Visa

Most commonly, applicants will start with a tourist visa. Come to the school and we will provide the required application forms and help you get through the process as smoothly as possible.

To expedite the process, please prepare the following before coming to our school:

  • Your Passport
  • 12 photos, 4x6cm. NOTE: Person in photo must be wearing a suit, collared shirt or (no tank tops). You can tell any photography shop you need visa photos.
  • Tuition fee or a deposit, to enroll in a course
Example of 4×6 passport photo

I Want My ED Visa ASAP

Get in touch and we’ll start your application immediately. You can contact us with the form below, by email:, or by phone: (+66) 02 612 9411  (weekdays only).

I am not in Thailand yet, but I want to obtain an ED Visa

Please e-mail the school and we will respond will all of the necessary application forms.

We will deal with all the necessary formalities on the students’ behalf.

After we receive the admission letter from the Ministry of Education, we will send it to the student by DHL Express, to whatever address in your home country you provide.

The admission letter allows the student to obtain the Education Visa in any Thai Embassy or Consulate.

I am from a neighboring country

Students from neighboring countries can get their Visas from the Thai Embassies in:

  • Laos – Vientiane
  • Malaysia – Penang
  • Vietnam – Ho Chi Min

These are only examples. Students can obtain the visa in any Thai Embassy or consulate.

How much does the Education Visa cost in Bangkok?

The Education Visa costs 2,000 Thai Baht (around ~55 USD, ~50 EUR at the time of writing), which is paid to the Thai Immigration Bureau. Thai Solutions charges a 3,000 Thai Baht administration fee.

The extension of visa costs 1,900 Thai Baht for 3-months (we will guide you with this process when the time comes).

Payment Process

If the applicant is outside of Thailand, we require a deposit of 70%. The remaining balance can be paid after the student arrives in Thailand.

If the applicant is in Thailand, we require a deposit of 50%. The remaining balance can be paid when the student receives the Education Visa in person at the Changwattana Immigration building (official building for all immigration activities).

Payment can be made through Cash at the school, or Bank Transfer:

  • Sarotorn Language School
  • Kasikorn Bank Branch: Sukhumvit 21 Branch
  • Account Type: Saving Account
  • Account Number: 611-2-02775-9
  • Kasikorn SWIFT Code: KASITHBK

Common Concerns

Is is possible to be rejected?

In very rare cases, the Ministry of Education may reject your application. If the application form is rejected by the Ministry of Education, the school will contact the applicant within one week of rejection.

We will give you information on the reason for the rejection, and refund your tuition fee, except for administration fee of 3,000 Thai Baht.

Will immigration/airport-officers test me on my Thai knowledge?

After you have obtained your visa, you will need to get an extension every 3 months. The immigration officers have been known to speak to applicants in Thai.

It is recommended that you know brush up on your basic conversional Thai going into the extension application.

This can also happen when you re-enter Thailand at the airport. If you have an ED Visa and leave Thailand longer than 2 weeks, there is a high chance you will be interviewed at the airport.

So if you leave Thailand and return, you should have valid reasons for your trip, that you can clearly explain to airport officers.

Of course, this will vary depending on the officers you get. It is always better to be as prepared as possible. Please feel free to ask us if you have any questions about this.

Which Courses are available with the Education Visa?

Here is a list of all courses which can come with the Education Visa:

One of our most popular courses that comes with the ED Visa is the 4-month Intro to Thai Course. It costs 10,000 THB, which includes the administration fee for the ED Visa.

  • This course can be taken on MON/WEDS/FRI or TUES/THURS
  • If you are too busy to come to the school, there is even an online version!
Get Started with my ED Visa

Get in touch and we’ll start your application immediately. You can contact us with the form below, by email:, or by phone: (+66) 02 612 9411  (weekdays only).

Required Documents

Here are all the required documents made downloadable.

There is no need to prepare them yourself. If you come into the school we will print all these documents for you and help you through them:

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get an Education Visa in Bangkok?

You must enroll in a course from a school accredited by the Thailand Ministry of Education. The school will typically take care of everything for you, including sending in your application, communicating with the Ministry and resolving any issues that come up during the process. The Ministry usually takes 5-7 weeks to process applications, depending on your nationality and the volume of applications. After obtaining the acceptance letter, you can get the actual visa at Chaeng Watthana Government Complex in north Bangkok (we will meet you there to guide you).

How much does an Education Visa cost in Bangkok?

The Education Visa costs 2000 TBH, which goes to the Thai Embassy. The administration fee is included in the course fee.

Can I change from Tourist Visa to Education Visa in Thailand?

If you are in Thailand already, you can convert your Tourist Visa to Education Visa.