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Top apps to supercharge your Thai language learning in 2023

My name is Kevin. I moved to Thailand a year ago from California, USA and started to study Thai at Thai Solutions School. I’d say now I have basic conversational and reading fluency; I can talk to anybody and read signs and menus. Over this time period, I’ve consumed dozens of podcasts, apps and books. … Read More

Thailand Border Run: Is It Still Possible in 2023?

Border runs used to be the way that people would stay long term in Thailand without a visa. Starting in 2018 however, foreigners from Visa Exempt countries are restricted to entry into Thailand via land borders (Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, and Malaysia) to TWO times per calendar year. Using infinite border runs to live in Thailand … Read More

Overstaying in Thailand: Penalties and what to do (2023)

People overstay in Thailand for a number of reasons: some miscalculate the days they are staying, some accidentally follow guidelines that applies to a different nationality, and some do it on purpose because they don’t realize that the Thai government takes overstaying very seriously. If you realize you are about to overstay, we recommend leaving … Read More

Pantip Plaza is DEAD – What happened to it? Where to go instead?

Pantip Plaza, located right next to the Platinum Fashion Mall used to be the unequivocal king of electronics shopping malls. It was a cavernous hub of all things blinking, spinning, wired and wireless. Shoppers would delight in the low prices and range of electronics you could buy. It was truly a sight to behold: Why … Read More

Thailand Travel Restrictions & Visa Exemptions (Updated 2023)

Summary: Proof of Vaccination is no longer required As of December 2022, proof of vaccination, COVID19 test results, or Thailand Pass are no longer required for any foreign nationals to enter Thailand. Read official announcement. Visa Exemption- 45 days From 1 Oct 2022 until 31 March 2023, you can enter Thailand for 45 days (increased … Read More

How to ask for the bathroom in Thai

Here are some useful Thai phrases and questions relating to bathrooms. In Thai, the bathroom is called hong nam. Another common way to say it but in writing (that is often put on toilet signs) is sukha. Occasionally, the word for male and female will be added to the toilet signs, such as hong nam ying meaning female toilet, or hong nam … Read More

How to say “I don’t understand” in Thai, and other survival phrases

ไม่เข้าใจ (mâi kâo jai) Don’t understand in Thai is simply (mâi), which means no. and (kâo jai) which means understand. If you’re unfamiliar with Thai accents, you can simply say (my-cow-jai) (you can even remember it like “my cow is jai” whatever that means) however it is much more likely that Thai people understand what you are … Read More

Thai Students Studying English

Do People Speak English in Thailand?

English is a commonly spoken language in Thailand, especially in major cities and tourist areas. While many Thais may not be fluent in English, they are often able to hold basic conversations. In fact, English is a mandatory subject in Thai schools, so many younger people are able to speak the language at a basic … Read More

How to Get Passport Photos (or Visa Photos) in Bangkok

For Visa application photos in Thailand (such as an Education Visa or an extension to your Tourist Visa) here are the requirements: 6cm x 4cm (60mm x 40mm) for Visa application Color: In color. No black and white accepted. Head size: Head should take up 70-80% of photo. Centered and looking forward. Background: Solid white … Read More

Thai Ethnic Groups by Percentage

The Thai people, who make up over 90 percent of the population, are the main ethnic group in Thailand. Other groups include: Chinese (5 percent) Malays (3 percent) Khmers (2 percent) There are also small minorities. The largest of these are the Hmong (meo), Karen (kariang), and Lahu. The central Thai, who originally came from … Read More