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Education Visa Refund Policy

Can I get a refund on the ED Visa?

Yes you can get a refund, if your application is rejected by the Ministry of Education.

No you cannot get a refund,  if your application is rejected by the Thai embassy, consulate, or immigration.

We’ll explain the difference below.

Ministry of Education Approval

Getting an approval letter from the Ministry of Education is the first part of the process.

You will fill out the application form (made available at the school), bring a photocopy of your passport, and bring 12 passport sized photos. After you pay, these documents will be submitted to the Ministry of Education.

If your application is rejected by the Ministry of Education, Thai Solutions School will provide a full refund, short of 3,000 THB.

The 3,000 THB is an admin fee to cover expenses on our end.

Thai Embassy/Consulate/Immigration Approval.

Once your application is approved by the Ministry of Education, you have been granted permission to study Thai in Thailand.

There is a second step: you must obtain approval from a Thai embassy, consulate, or immigration. Only these agencies can grant you permission to stay.

If you are rejected by the Thai embassy or consulate, we cannot provide a refund.

Here are the reasons:

Choice of embassy or consulate – Some Thai embassies are very strict while others are easygoing. It is your responsibility to select the embassy or consulate that optimizes your chance of obtaining the visa.

Bad Track Record – If you have a past criminal record or have committed offenses like: overstaying, border bouncing, abusing the visa system, working in Thailand illegally, etc. We cannot be held responsible if your track record is the reason for rejection.

Political Climate – If there is an ongoing conflict between Thailand and your home country, your chance of getting the education visa could be slim to impossible. It is your responsibility to check with the Thai embassy or consulate you plan to visit before making a commitment with our school.


Thai Solutions School is an education business that sells language courses.

We do not sell ED visas.

If you buy courses from our school, we will help you through the ED visa application process.

The cost of the ED visa is paid directly to the embassy, consulate, or immigration.

The cost of extending the ED visa is paid directly to immigration.

We are not a visa agency and do not have the authority to grant you the ED visa.

For further information about applying for the ED visa from abroad, click here to contact the Thai embassy or consulate you plan to visit.

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