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Obtaining a Driving License in Thailand, for foreigners

Introduction If you’re an international student with an ED visa or plan to stay in Thailand for an extended period, getting a motorbike or car driving license can be a game-changer (not sure?

Here are answers to common questions for foreigners interested in obtaining a driving license in Thailand:

Q: Can I Get a Driver’s License on a Tourist Visa?

A: Yes, it’s possible to obtain a Thai driver’s license on a tourist visa, but having a non-immigrant visa increases your chances significantly.

Q: Can I Get a Thai Driving License with an ED Visa?

A: Yes, you can. If you’re studying at an accredited language center with an ED Visa, the process is the same as for other foreigners on non-immigrant visas. Your specific visa type doesn’t matter; you just need a valid passport with a visa.

Q: What Documents Are Required for a Driving License in Thailand?

A: To apply for a driving license in Thailand, you’ll need:

  • Passport with Visa (original and photocopy)
  • Original proof of residence address in Thailand, certified by the embassy/immigration bureau (valid for 1 year) or a work permit (with present residency identified) and a photocopy
  • Original medical certificate (5 diseases form) from a clinic or hospital (valid for 1 month)
  • Original and photocopy of a valid international driving license (1949 convention) or a local driving license (translated into English or Thai and certified by the embassy if not in English)

Q: How to Apply for a Motorbike License in Thailand?

A: Applying for a motorbike or car license is straightforward if you have the necessary documentation. The process involves the following steps:

  1. Watch a 1-hour Road Safety video.
  2. Take a physical test (includes a Color Blindness test, Reflex test, and Depth Perception test).
  3. Attend a 5-hour training.
  4. Pass a 30-minute multiple-choice theory test (75% pass rate).
  5. Take a practical test (using your own bike or renting one for 50 – 100 baht). You may have multiple attempts in a day, based on the examiner’s decision and availability.

Q: How to Apply for a Car License in Thailand?

A: The process for obtaining a car driving license is the same as applying for a motorbike license. Learning the Thai language may make the theory test easier, as you won’t need to translate questions.

Q: Can I Download Real Test Questions?

A: It’s possible, but not recommended, as test questions may vary. The software used for generating questions undergoes updates. Generally, the questions are not overly challenging, and common sense should help you pass comfortably.

Q: Can I Renew a Thai Driving License Online?

A: Yes, an e-learning course for a Thai driver’s license is available on the website You can complete the mandatory training online and then contact your local Department of Land Transportation for the physical competency test. The e-learning option is applicable for licenses expiring in less than a year or early renewals lasting less than 90 days. Alternatively, you can renew your license in person, with a fee of 505 baht at the time of writing.

Q: Do I Need to Retest If I Have My Own Country’s Driving License?

A: If you’re only exchanging licenses, you’ll undergo basic tests for eyesight and reaction. However, if you don’t have a motorcycle driving license and need to add it, you may have to take a computer-based basic test and possibly a driving test. This process usually takes about six hours for both car and motorbike licenses.

Q: Do I Need to Retest If I Have an International Driving License?

A: Yes, even if you possess an international driving license, you’ll be required to take tests for color blindness, peripheral vision, reflexes, and depth perception. However, you won’t need to take the theory and practical driving tests. You’ll receive a two-year temporary driving license, which can be extended to five years.

Q: How Much Does It Cost to Obtain a Motorcycle or Car License?

A: At the time of writing, the cost to apply for a car license is 305 THB, and for a motorcycle license, it’s 105 THB.

Additional Tips To streamline your application process, visit the Department of Land Transport before 8:00 am, submit your application, provide supporting documents, and secure your queue number if you’re applying for a new license. Most tasks can be completed on the same day, with the driving test scheduled for the following day.