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How to get the Thailand Visa on Arrival (2024 Update)

The Visa On Arrival allows passport holders of 19 countries to enter Thailand without needing to apply for a Tourist Visa from a Thai Embassy in their own country. This will allow you to stay in Thailand for 15 days (30-day exceptions are listed below). These countries are as follows: If your country is not … Read More

How to open a mangosteen properly

Foreigners coming to Thailand will encounter the mangosteen for the first time. This sweet, tangy fruit can be found all over Southeast Asia other tropical areas such as Colombia and Puerto Rico, where the tree has been introduced. It’s known in Thailand as the Queen of Fruits. There are basically two ways to open a … Read More

All Thai Visa Types for US Citizens: Insider’s Perspective

Most US Citizens don’t need a visa If you’re entering Thailand as a US citizen and plan to spend less than 30 days in the Kingdom, you (and citizens of dozens of other countries) will get a stamp permitting you to do so when you present yourself at any international airport. (At land borders, this … Read More

How and why to learn Thai – my personal experience

My name is Kevin. I’m a US national who has been living in Thailand for the past 2 years. I can tell you from personal experience that finding the right Thai language school is essential. I spent a few days looking around at a number schools before finding one that was good for me. From … Read More

Obtaining a Driving License in Thailand, for foreigners

Introduction If you’re an international student with an ED visa or plan to stay in Thailand for an extended period, getting a motorbike or car driving license can be a game-changer (not sure? Here are answers to common questions for foreigners interested in obtaining a driving license in Thailand: Q: Can I Get a Driver’s … Read More

How to get a Certificate of Residence in Thailand

A Certificate of Residence (TM. 16) is a document that proves you have a Thai address. It’s required for various purposes. Here’s what you need to know: Why would you need a Certificate of Residence? You’ll need a Certificate of Residence for: These certificates can be obtained from either a Thai Immigration office (preferably your … Read More

All about the Thai Work Visa / Thai Work Permit

The Thai Work Visa is officially known as the Non-Immigrant B Visa. The Non-Immigrant B visa allows foreign nationals to live and work in Thailand for a period of time. Tourists are not allowed to work in Thailand. If they want to, they will have to have their visa changed into a Non-Immigrant B Visa.  … Read More

Thailand Songkran Festival explained (and where to celebrate it)

The traditional Thai New Year or Songkran is a public holiday in Thailand, that falls on April 13th-15th, based on the Thai lunar calendar. Since Aries is the first astrological sign in the zodiac, Songkran is celebrated when the sun moves into Aries. Nowadays, Thais celebrate both the New Year, according to the Christian Calendar, and the traditional Thai … Read More

Why do people give food to Monks in Thailand? (alms giving)

Alms giving is one of the most common practices among Thai Buddhists. It’s a way to support the monks, who study and practice the Buddha’s teachings, by offering them food. At the same time, we learn to give and to let go. Alms Round From dawn until around 7 o’clock, monks walk bare feet with their … Read More