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How to Get Passport Photos in Bangkok

To get passport photos in Bangkok, you can follow these steps: Find a photo studio or passport photo service provider in Bangkok. There are many of these businesses located throughout the city, so you should have no trouble finding one. You can search online for “passport photo services in Bangkok” to find a list of … Read More

Thai Ethnic Groups by Percentage

The Thai people, who make up over 90 percent of the population, are the main ethnic group in Thailand. Other groups include: Chinese (5 percent) Malays (3 percent) Khmers (2 percent) There are also small minorities. The largest of these are the Hmong (meo), Karen (kariang), and Lahu. The central Thai, who originally came from … Read More

Most Spoken Languages in Thailand Chart

What Are the Most Spoken Languages in Thailand?

According to a 2019 survey, the most common languages spoken in Thailand are Thai (92.7%), English (44.6%), Chinese (8.5%), Burmese (2.4%), and Malay (1.9%). Other languages spoken include Lao, Vietnamese, and Cambodian. It’s no surprise that Thailand is home to a diversity of languages, as it shares borders with many other countries and is a … Read More

The 5 Best Cafes in Bangkok

When it comes to finding the best cafes in Bangkok, there are a few things you need to take into account. The first is the location. You want to be sure that the cafe is located in a convenient spot that is easy to get to. The second is the price. Bangkok is known for … Read More

The Value of learning Thai

A major problem awaiting visitors to Thailand According to the latest tourism statistics released in May 2019, the annual number of tourists to Thailand increased from 35.35 million in the year 2017 to 38.28 million in 2018. Along these lines, one can easily agree to Thailand being the Jewel of South-East-Asia as it is known … Read More

Top 5 tips to learn Thai

The task of learning Thai language It can always prove to be a huge asset for anyone to become proficient in a new language other than one’s own mother tongue. Likewise, any foreigner coming into Thailand who does not mind going the extra mile in terms of acquiring the basic skills in Thai language can … Read More

Thai Language School in Bangkok: 5 Reasons To Start Learning Thai Today!

Have you always wanted to speak Thai language – but could not find a Thai language school in Bangkok?Don’t worry; you landed on the right page. At Thai Solutions Language School, we are you one-stop destination for Thai language classes in Bangkok that will help you master the language. We have been teaching Thai to … Read More