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How and why to learn Thai – my personal experience

My name is Kevin. I’m a US national who has been living in Thailand for the past 2 years. I can tell you from personal experience that finding the right Thai language school is essential. I spent a few days looking around at a number schools before finding one that was good for me. From … Read More

How to get a Certificate of Residence in Thailand

A Certificate of Residence (TM. 16) is a document that proves you have a Thai address. It’s required for various purposes. Here’s what you need to know: Why would you need a Certificate of Residence? You’ll need a Certificate of Residence for: These certificates can be obtained from either a Thai Immigration office (preferably your … Read More

All about the Thai Work Visa / Thai Work Permit

The Thai Work Visa is officially known as the Non-Immigrant B Visa. The Non-Immigrant B visa allows foreign nationals to live and work in Thailand for a period of time. Tourists are not allowed to work in Thailand. If they want to, they will have to have their visa changed into a Non-Immigrant B Visa.  … Read More

Pantip Plaza is DEAD – What happened to it? Where to go instead?

Pantip Plaza, located right next to the Platinum Fashion Mall used to be the unequivocal king of electronics shopping malls. It was a cavernous hub of all things blinking, spinning, wired and wireless. Shoppers would delight in the low prices and range of electronics you could buy. It was truly a sight to behold: Why … Read More

The Biggest Chinatown in the World…is in Bangkok!?

Did you know? Bangkok’s Chinatown is not only the biggest in Thailand, but also one of the biggest in the world. Stretching over two square kilometers, it is home to a population of more than 100,000 Chinese Thais. The history of Bangkok’s Chinatown dates back to the early 19th century, when a small community of … Read More